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Bollywood Themed Party Jaipur

Bollywood is the film industry of India, located in Mumbai, and is very much like Hollywood in the United States. Bollywood is known for releasing an astounding number of films annually and reaching across the globe to millions of viewers. Bollywood actors and actresses are admired in India and in many other countries.
The genre is fun and colorful, so consider throwing a Bollywood themed party for your next occasion.
Things You will Need: -Pictures of Bollywood Actors and Actresses Backdrop Food Deejay Indian Movies Prizes Backdrop CD or DVD
Plan a Bollywood Them Party in Jaipur

1.LOCATION: Bollywood theme party Depending on the celebration and the number of guests expected to attend, a Bollywood-themed party can be held in your home or at a nearby rental hall. If you're going to book a hall, be sure you reserve it ahead of time and that it is spacious enough for the number of guests invited.

2.DECORATIONS:   Bollywood theme party Hang star-shaped print outs of Bollywood actors and actresses in black and white all over the venue. You can find pictures of Indian actors and actresses online. You can convert them into black and white, and insert them into a star shape using software such as Adobe Photoshop. Create a backdrop from a famous movie scene, or use fabric that is glimmering such as red beaded drapes. Don't forget the red carpet for your guests to walk on when entering the venue.

3.ENTERTAINMENT:  Bollywood theme party  Arrange for family and friends to perform dances to Bollywood songs or act out a scene from their favorite movie. You can get ideas on what to perform from the movie itself. Go to a local Indian store that sells Indian movies or see the "Resources" section for information on where to get the movies online. Alternatively, you can also hire professional dance groups to perform for guests if they are available in your area. Bollywood theme party   Set up a game show for guests to participate in such as a movie trivia game. See the Resources section for sites that contain information about the film industry to set up the game. Another popular game is Antakshari, which involves singing. A contestant begins by singing a few lines of a song. Then, the next contestant must sing a song that begins with the ending letter of the previous song that was sung. You can also hire a deejay for the evening for guests to dance the night away.

4.FOOD:  Bollywood theme party Serve Indian cuisine, such as Punjabi food consisting of Naan, vegetables like Malai Kofta and Palak Paneer, Rice, Raita, Samosas and Paneer Tikka. Alternatively, you can also have different food carts with fast-food served as well such as Pani Poori, Dosa or Pav Bhaji. If you are keeping the party at home, consider having a pot luck, in which each guest is requested to bring an Indian dish. See the "Resources" section for recipes for Indian food.

5.FAVORS: Bollywood theme party You can hand out music CDs with your favorite Bollywood songs or create a DVD with snippets of your favorite scenes from different movies. Refer to the link in the "Resources" section to listen to different types of Indian music to get an idea on what you would like to include in the CD. If you're really creative, consider making your own short film for guests to enjoy.

The Bollywood bash, as we call it, is the most popular & happening theme. It is suitable for almost every occasion, age group or season. This theme itself is a cluster of diff. themes right from the golden old days of bollywood to the current flashy bollywood. One can opt for a mixture of all Era's or choose anybollywood theme party organisers one Era from. The Retro Theme to “The Metro Theme”. Cut outs of stills & stars from the blockbusters of the respective era would be all around to give it a filmy effect. The set up would include props like bioscope, director chairs, spot lights, reels, flash boxes etc. Bar Counter would have a Large Backdrop in sync with the theme & a list of mocktails & Cocktails having filmy names would be placed. Food Counters will have cut outs of actors & the dishes would be named after famous actors/actresses /characters. Stewards would be dressed like spot boys. Invites to be printed in the form of Movie Tickets would be circulated also stating that special attraction of the event would be the prizes to those people who dress up best like a particular character. Various accessories like bandanas, bracelets, neck pieces, glow bangles etc to be given across to the people to make them feel the theme.

So plan Bollywood Themed Party in Jaipur


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