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Coctail Party in Jaipur

Cocktail parties are fun and social events. However, there are certain rules that must be followed by the attentive cocktail party guest. Use the following guidelines to get the most out of cocktail gatherings.

1. The Invitations

When an invitation is sent, it is very impolite to ignore it. RSVP's should be included in a self-addressed stamped envelope by your potential host. This should make it easy to reply. If an envelope is not included, call or send your reply by letter. Structure the formality of your reply according to the formality of the invitation.

2. How to Dress

Cocktail parties can take several different forms. The least formal is the cocktail buffet, which is usually a semi-formal or casual attire sit-down buffet. Cocktail parties themselves usually feature appetizers, while guests remain standing. These are generally semi-formal. Cocktail receptions require very formal dress, and often allow guests to sit and stand at will. These are common for important occasions.

3. Mingling

Mingling is a difficult art, and takes some getting used to. Cocktail parties are often places to meet people, make new connections and strike deals. Before you go, it is nice to think of what you would like to accomplish at the party. Don't get sidetracked. Speak to all of the people that you would like to meet, and allow them to introduce you to other people that may be able to help you out.

4. Bring Personal Materials

Make sure to bring anything that may be of use to you at the party, including business cards, resumes and addresses. If you are trying to make connections, spread your cards around.

5. Eating

While eating, be sure to bring a napkin at all times. If food is served on plates carried around, take it and place it whole in your mouth. Use toothpicks if provided, and chew quickly so that you can talk. If the party is a buffet, try to avoid visiting too many times. If smaller appetizers are difficult to arrange or pick up, arrange them with a knife before placing them into your mouth.

6. Drinking

Make sure always to drink from a glass, and never from a glass bottle or can. Wine glasses should be held at the stem and sipped carefully. Avoid placing drinks on tables or surfaces that may stain.

7. Structure your Conversations

Parties are not meant for intense conversations. Avoid discussing anything that carries a lot of weight, like marriages or religion. Do not gossip because chances are it will be heard. Make eye contact and let your body language be open and free with other guests.

8. Behave with Respect

Even if the wine is flowing, avoid drinking too much, or you may get drunk. If a request must be made of the staff, do it politely and carefully. Always thank your host and hostess before you leave, and bid farewell to other guests. It is also nice to return the favor of an invitation if you get a chance.

Arrangements for Coctail Party

Arrangement for invitations

Theme selection for decoration

Get the theme decoration material ready

Arrangements for Liquers

Getting Liquer licence

Arrangement for Dj and Tracks

Light placements

Russian dancers or other performance troop

Display led/water/fog/lcd/projector


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