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Cowboy Birthday Birthday Party Ideas

The Cowboy and Cowgirl party is so popular that we have dedicated this entire section to Cowboy and Cowgirl birthday party ideas.

The Cowboy and Cowgirl party ideas and incorporate the best birthday party ideas into your party. Create your own party plan and remember to include invitations, decorations, games, activities, party food, beverages, party cake, party snacks, gift bag favors, costumes and gifts.a super Cowboy and Cowgirl party.


cowboy & Cowgirl birthday invitations, create Wanted poster out of brown cardstock. Draw the sheriff's badge to the poster. Mail the invitations in large envelopes.

The wording of your cowboy party invitations can be Howday Partners We'will be needing your towns people buckaroos to help celebrate Outlaw your child's name the Birthday! Y'all get ready for the hoedown at the your last name Ranch on date at time.

The jump on your horse and mosey on over for some tasty grub and boot stompin' fun. Give us a Yee Haw at your phone number"

Secondly, you can design your cowboy &cowgirl birthday party invitations out of bandannas. Be creative. write a party message on the bandanna where the righting will fit. Plan how you want the invitations to look, and lightly write the message in pencil.

Lay the bandannas out on a smooth surface covered with waxed paper. Use a dimensional paint pen to write the message large and clear. Be careful not to smear the words as you write. The paint will need to dry overnight before you can fold the bandannas.


Decorate the area outside your house to look like a rodeo or a ranch. Put up Wanted outlaw posters on the fence. If you have any sawhorses, turn them into dummy horses for fun. Put up a sign Welcome to your last name Ranch .Borrow some bails of hay, if you can, and spread it around your yard. Hang lassos and cowboy hats around the party room. Put Old West mural or posters on the wall. Create store signs for typical Wild West merchant stores, such as blacksmith, livery, and dry goods. Design or rope off a corral. Spread any theme items that you might have around the room boots, horseshoes,

You can also build a small western town out of large cardboard boxes. The best place to get large cardboard boxes is motorcycle dealership like Harley Davidson. You can decorate each cardboard box like a jail, saloon, hotel, etc. You can go extra mile and design your own cutout cowhand standees to be used for taking pictures with.

Cover your cowboy birthday party table with a western theme tablecloth. For a centerpiece, you can have a cowboy hat, or a bowl filled with toy horseshoes.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities
Greet your cowboy & cowgirl birthday guests as they arrive, and provide each one with a bandanna, a cowboy hat, and a squirt gun.

Cowboy Vests:- this cowboy & cowgirl birthday party activity, use a large brown paper grocery sack with no printing on it. If the bag has printing, paint it after making the cuts to fit.
To make the front opening of the vest, cut from the center of one open end toward the bottom of the bag. Next, cut a square hole for the neck. Also cut square holes for the arms. Make the holes big enough so children don't tear them when they move. Fold back the top two corners to make a collar.

Paint the front and back of the vest red using acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Let it dry.
Horseshoe Decorating Activity:- Get a horseshoe craft kit from a party store. Get the kids to decorate their horseshoes with paint, gems and stickers.

The cowboy & cowgirl birthday party favors, give out cowboy hats, bandannas, sheriff's badges, removable tattoos, etc.

Cowboy & Cowgirl Birthday Party Games

Lasso Practice:- Have a lasso contest to see what the kids can round up. Tie a rope into a large circle, and have the children take turns trying to toss it around a sawhorse or other inanimate object.
Western Tag:- Create some fun atmosphere for your cowboy birthday party guests - play a one-legged game of tag. Have everyone hop using only one leg.
Wild West Showdown:- You will need a squirt gun for each player and a sheriff's badge. Pick one western party helper to be the sheriff. Divide your guests into two groups. Have them stand in two lines facing each other. Now each player turns around, standing back-to-back to a player from the other group. the sheriff counts to ten, each person takes ten steps forward and then stops. When the sheriff announces "Draw," everyone turns around, points their squirt gun at anyone in the other group.Any two players who are pointing their squirt guns at each other are both "out." Players who are pointing at someone who is not pointing back at them stay in the game. The game continues until only two people remain.

Squirt-Gun Sharp Shooting:- Cowboy birthday party Game Set up lightweight plastic bottles on a fence or table, and have the kids shoot them off for points.
Sidewinder Jump:- In this western party game, children must avoid the bite of a rattler - a 10-foot rope.Have two children hold the rope and whisk it back and forth along the ground. Kids jump over the rattling snake without touching it. For older children, raise the rope several inches off the ground. See who can stay the longest without being .

Wild Wild West Saloon:- Cowboy birthday party Game Set up a gambling casino in the saloon and play cards, roulette, checkers, coin toss, and other games.
Keep Your Hat On:- Divide your western party group into two teams. Line the kids up on one side of the playing area, and put one chair for each team on the other side.
The players must put on a cowboy hat, run to their chair, around it, and back passing the relay leg to the next person in line. If the hat falls off, they have to pick it up - and start from where it fell off. The team to finish first - wins.
Pin the Tail on the Horse:- At cowboy birthday party, you can have some fun with classic Pin-the-Tail game. Have the kids pin the tail on the horse where it belongs.Horseshoes You can get the kids to play a real game of horseshoes using two stakes and four horseshoes. Or, you can get plastic horseshoes and have the children toss them into a cowboy hat.
Cowboys and Sheriffs:- Here is great cowboy birthday party game to play outside on a hot summer day.Divide the kids into two groups ("cowboys" & "sheriffs"). Give cowboys time to hide in the area. Have the sheriffs try to find them. When they do, a squirt-gun war will break out - which is always fun for the kids! (Be sure to ask the kids to bring change of clothes if you decide to include this game)

Food and Drink

Cowboy & Cowgirl Birthday Cakes:
Horse Cake:- Cut and arrange the cake according to the pictures. Frost the entire cake brown.
Make a "horse mane" out of white frosting. Braid the licorice for reins and bridle. Place Necco wafer for the eye. Add a jelly bean for the nose.
Sheriff's Star Cake:- Bake two square cakes. Cut one cake into five triangles. Place the triangles on the sides of the whole cake. Frost the cake, and decorate it with the names of heroes from the old West.

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