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The flag of Italy is  white ,green, and red. this is a great place to start. These colors can be on streamers, intertwined around doorways and windows or coordinate table cloths so each table has one of these colors on them. If the Italian bistro look is what you are going for, use table cloths with red and white checks and top the table with a wine carafe with a candle and wax running down the sides.

Plastic grape bunches and vines are a great way to decorate the tables after the cloths are put down or to hang on the walls.

Italian Invitations
Italian party invitations celebrate flavorful, aromatic and satisfying cuisine, fabulous wine and cheese or just the atmosphere that is Italy. Warm and inviting, casual or formal, Italian food invitations are a perfect dinner party invitation for friends and family. Read more.

Italian theme party invitations are pefect for a birthday party or rehearsal dinner at an Italian restaurant. You'll find Italian food invitations, Italian dinner party invitations, Italian wine tasting party, Italian wine and cheese invitations, pizza invitations, huge bowls of pasta invitations, Italian gondolas in Venice, clusters of grapes, waiters with trays of food or bottles of wine and more.

Italian-Inspired Party Games
Give guests Italian words or sayings on pieces of paper when they come in. When it is time to play games, have the guests try to guess what the word is in English.

If the weather is nice, guests can play Bocce out in the yard. Bocce is an Italian version of lawn bowling. The point of the game is to see who can throw their Bocce ball closest to the pallina , or smaller ball.

Play Guess the Italian . Print off pictures of famous Italians. political leaders, soccer players, painters, and astronomers.

Give prizes out to the winners of the various games. Prizes can include aprons, chef hats, inexpensive bottles of wine, key chains with grapes on them or charms for wine glasses.
For an extra punch of fun, have guests wear Italian themed hats throughout the night  roman head gear, a ring of leaves, chef hats, .

Italian Party Food
The Italians are known for great food and wonderful wine so liven up the party with a huge spread of food. Have guests bring their favorite dish, whether that’s antipasto appetizer, a pasta dish, dessert, or an Italian drink like Bellini’s or wine. TIP: When inviting the guests, give them each a category of food so as not to have everyone bring a pasta dish.

Some dish ideas: Lasagna, pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs, fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil, cannolis, gelato, prosciutto, sausage.

Serve the food family style on a buffet table for true Italian style and ease of serving. And don’t forget the wine. Give guests a selection between reds and whites and have Bellini’s and coffee with dessert.

Italian Themed Party Ideas
Put yourself and your guests into a festive Italian party frame of mind by decorating a room in red, white and green bunting, flags, balloons, banners and streamers. Include Italian-themed food such as pizza or spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, lively music, trivia games and Italian costumes to enhance the party atmosphere. Decorate the front door with an Italian-themed cover.


1. Pizza
Anything red, green and white the national colors of Italy is the guide for gathering materials and decorations. Use Italian-themed paper supplies such as streamers, napkins and eating utensils, such as red, green and white plastic forks, spoons and knives. Find a red and white checkered tablecloth plastic or paper  and add paper place mats with a map of Italy at each place seating. Purchase Italian party kits at such places as Oriental Trading see Resources or party stores. Invitations can be handmade, resembling boarding passes to an Italian cruise.

2. Italian chef
Display an Italian-themed menu board with handwritten house specials to be served, like pasta, pizza or lasagna. Place a few empty Italian Chianti wine bottles on tables. Hang travel posters and scenes of Italy, including cruise ships and land tours. Play CDs of Italian music or even language lessons. If pizza is the main entree, set up a table for small  make it yourself pizzas that can be baked in the oven in a short time.

3. Have guests dress in Italian-themed costumes such as a chef, mafia gangster, a moll, a Venetian gondolier or have a prize for the best handmade costume. Create your own Italian-themed crossword puzzle on the Internet , print out a copy for each guest or place them around the room with pencils. Leave a few one-time use cameras around the room to make a photo book.


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