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For your Mickey/Minnie Mouse party invitations, take a photo of the birthday child posing with his or her favorite Disney plush toy. Print that picture on the front of the invitation cards. Write "Mickey & Minnie want you to come to child's name) Birthday Party.Then write party information on the inside.

Mickey Mouse For a different idea, draw outlines of Mickey's head (one large circle for head and two smaller ones for ears) on black cardstock. Next, cut out the shapes and write party details with red marker.
The wording can say "Oh, Toodles Look who is turning . Join us for a fun celebration at Mickey's Clubhouse. Don't forget to write the address and time of the party.
Lastly, you can print theme coloring pages off the Disney website. Then fold the paper in half, and write party info on the blank side. Mail the pages for the guests to color. This idea works especially well for a toddler party.

For Mickey Mouse party decorations, use red, white, yellow and black colors. Cut a large Mickey's head shape out of black construction paper, and mount it near the entrance. Draw footprints of Mickey with chalk on the walkway leading to the front door. Post a sign that says "Welcome to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"
Spread out Disney theme stuffed toys around the scene. Put up posters (or pictures) of Mickey and friends on the wall. Hang balloons and streamers in bunches around the area.
Draw the Mousekadoer (giant Mickey-head shaped computer) on a large piece of paper and tape it to the wall. Hang a sign that reads "Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse." Play tunes from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Cover the party table with red or yellow table cloth. Print and laminate pictures of Mickey and Minnie, and have them at each setting for placemats. Tie balloons to the back of the chairs.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities
Disney Transformations:- As children arrive to the party, give them Mickey Mouse headbands available at party outlets to wear during the event. Color the tip of their noses with face paint or black marker.
Color Mickey:- Spread out Disney coloring pages and dot-to-dots on the floor.

Offer crayons and pencils to the kids, and have them color their favorite characters.
Watch the Show:- Invite the kids to watch an episode from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while their waiting for all the guests to arrive.

For Mickey Mouse party favors, give out such items as theme stickers and coloring pages, Play Dough clay, bubble-blowing containers, crayons, Mickey headbands, Mylar balloons, and so on.

Mickey Mouse Party Games
Mickey's Easter Egg Hunt:- Before the party, print and laminate pictures of decorated eggs. Next, hide them around the party area.
At game time, get the kids to find as many as they can. Give them clues, such as arrows drawn on the cards showing where to look. Offer help to younger kids in the group, and make sure that children find roughly the same number of eggs.
To make it more realistic, you might want to get plastic eggs that open from a party store. You can fill them up with candy and other prizes, and put theme stickers on the eggs.
Mickey, Mickey, Goofy:- Play a theme version of Duck, Duck, Goose game. If most of your party guests are girls, then you can name the game Minnie, Minnie, Daisy!
Don't Wake the Giant:- This Minnie Mouse party game is a lot of fun for young kids.
Ask one of the adult to be Willie the Giant. He would lie down on the ground and pretend to be asleep. Place different toys close to the giant's body near his arms, legs, Get the kids to try to snatch the toys without ..
If the giant wakes up and spots somebody trying to pick a toy, that kid goes out the game and receives a prize. Let the very young kids stay in the game even if they get caught. They will be giggling with excitement.

Bark Like Pluto: One at a time, have the kids demonstrate their best barks. Award prizes for the scariest, funniest, loudest, most real bark. Set up the activity so each guest wins one prize.
Meeska Mooska Counting Game:- Here is a great activity for very young children that allows them to review or learn how to count.
Get the kids to form a round. Have them hold hands and move in one direction in the round Say Let's find out how many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse guests we have tonight.
Get one child to say Meeska, Mooska, one with all the other kids repeating the line, then next child Meeska, Mooska, two, next Meeska, Mooska, three , and so on -- until you finish going around the round. Next, do the count backwards starting with the person who led off last round.
Mickey or Minnie ays:- Play a theme version of Simon Says game.
Dance & Sing Along:- Plug in a video of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse into your DVD player or put on Mickey Mouse CD, and let the kids dance to the music and sing along.
Birthday Pinata:- Get a theme pinata . Mickey Mouse ears pinata and let the children swing at it blindfolded, one at time, starting with the birthday child.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake:
Food and Drink
Mickey Mouse Cake:- Bake one6" round cake and two9" round cakes. Position the cakes so the bigger cake is the face, and two smaller cakes are the ears of Mickey.
Frost the face with white frosting. Print a picture of Mickey off the internet. Use that image as a guide to outline the face of Mickey with a toothpick. Use cake piping bags to add facial features in color. Frost the ears with chocolate frosting.

Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas:

PB&J Sandwiches: -Use cookie cutters of various shapesstars, hearts, cut the sandwiches.
Mickey Mouse Sundaes:- Use ice cream and melon ball scoops to create Mickey's face.
Put one large scoop of vanilla ice cream using bigger scoop for face, and two scoops using smaller scoop for ears. Add 1 chocolate chip for nose, 2 chocolate candies for eyes, and push in 2 Oreo cookies for ears.
Daisy Crackers:- Spread cream cheese on small round crackers. Cut grapes in half, and place 6 grape

Hot Dogs

halves in a circle. Add blueberry in the center.

Cubed cheese
Mickey Mouse shaped hamburgers
Rice Krispies
Jello Jigglers (cut and arrange in Mickey Mouse face pattern)

Mickey Mouse Party Drink Ideas:

Ginger Ale
Clubhouse Smoothies:- Serve fresh fruit smoothies.


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