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Wedding Event The Raj Palace Jaipur

The Raj Palace, the traditional with some of the modern structures robs the town of its singular character and charm. This beautiful blend of Mughal and Periodic is the oldest mansion of Jaipur. In 1995, Princess Jayendra Kumari Ji decided to restore this luxurious palace into the finest luxury Palace hotel. The Royal family renovated the arched corridors, the residential quarters and its courtyards with small amplifications, Best services were added like Handicap access etc. Museum suites were created which have the finest Royal antiques giving the property the honor of being first museum suite palace hotel of the world as the suites have their private museum. The specially designed frescoes deciphered with the finest mirror and hand painted work and rare palace furniture , Large crystal chandeliers leave you adorned with an astonishing fantasy. The elegance personified and the renowned hospitality is served in its 40 well-appointed rooms and beautiful venues with extreme intimacy and caring personal service in the reborn Raj Palace.

About US

The Raj Palace is an extremely convenient place to stay during your visit to Jaipur. Being in the middle of four main palace complexes of Jaipur (Amer, Jaigarh Fort, Nahar Garh Fort and the City Palace complex), it is located at a short distance from all sightseeing and shopping places.

Moreover, the fact that it is situated on the main Jaipur-Delhi Road and is only about half a kilometre away from Jaipur-Agra Highway also makes The Raj Palace an ideally located tourist stopover. Regular flights form most of the domestic locations like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur, also the city Airport is of international facilities and many international flights fly directly from Dubai, Bangkok etc.

Distance from airport     12km
Distance from railway station     6km
Distance from bus stand     5km
Distance from city center     100 metres


The Raj Palace is owned and managed by GKV Group of Companies, the company is diversified into other business as well like Marble mining and food processing.

2000 : International Gold Star Millenium Award.
2002 : Rashtriya Rattan Award.
2005 : Indira Gandhi Sadhbhawana Award.
2007 : Winner of 32nd International Award of Hotel, Catering and Tourism 2007 at Madrid Spain.
2007 : "World's Leading Heritage Hotel 2007-08", World Travel Awards
2007 : "Best Heritage Hotel in India", The National Tourism Awards for 2006 - 2007.
2008 : Durbar Mahal Suite acknowledged as "Asia's Leading Suite" by World Travel Awards 2008

History of the Palace

• 1500 - 1700
When Sikander Lodi was the king of Delhi in 1503 AD. Maharaja Prithviraj Singh Ji was the ruler of Amber, capital before Jaipur was built. One of his descendants in 1568 AD Thakur Manohardas Ji, the then Prime Minister of Amber was one of the greatest warriors in the Rajput history, ruling over the territories of Chaumoo, Samode and Mohanna. Thakur Sahib along with Maharaja Man Singh Ji of Jaipur gained victories in overall 22 battles including the battle of Kandhar in Afghanistan where he defeated the army bravely and snatched their flags to present to the King, in return Thakur Sahib got the original flag of Amber and a great fortune of wealth.

• 1700 - 1900
One of his descendants Thakur Mohan Singh Ji, ruler of Chaumoo and the then Prime Minister of Raj built the first haveli of Jaipur in 1727 known as “The Chaumoo Haveli”. The haveli is still being inhabited by his descendants and is today renamed after Thakur Raj Singh Ji, the last crowned Thakur Sahib of Chaumoo before the democratic India came into existence.

Ranjit Singhji succeeded Ratan Singhji in the year 1783 and his son Kishan Singhji came to the throne in 1799 thereafter him came Thakur Laxman Singhji in 1830 who did a lot for the state and adopted Gobind Singh ji from Ajeyrajpura to succeed him in the year 1863 as he did not have any male issue.

In 1889, Thakur Gobind Singhji received the title of “ Rao Bahadur” from the British Govt. Coln. Walter the AGG said that bestowing the title of Rao Bahadur was to express their appreciation of his excellent services and loyalty as member of council The resources of the state was largely developed under him and he was appointed member of council.

• 1900 - till now
Thakur Devi Singhji succeeded Gobindji who was 13 descendents. His eldest son Sangram Singhji was adapted to Samode and his second son Raj Singhji succeeded the Chaumoo state. He had left behind his daughter Shakuntala Kumari married to Rao Surendra Pal Singh ji chief of Umergarh State. Shakuntala Kumari has only two daughters Jayendra and Chetna Kumari.

“The Raj Palace is named after him which is now a beautiful heritage hotel in the heart of the Jaipur city”

Wedding Event The Raj Palace Jaipur


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