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Wedding Event In Chirmi Palace Hotel Jaipur(A Heritage Hotel)

Chirmi Palace is a 150 years old residence now converted into a hotel being run by Thakur Vikram Singhji. He is a scion of the house of Chomu, the senior most "Thikana" under the state of Jaipur. Vikram Singhji's ancestor, Thakur Manohar Dasji was responsible for the conquest of Afghanistan. The booty from this conquest financed the construction of the fabled pink city. Moreover, the colours captured from the Afghans were incorporated to make the famous Panchranga (5 colored) flag of Jaipur. Thakur Vikram Singhji on retiring from a long career as a hotelier with the Taj Group has converted his residence into a hotel. Vikram Singhji has wealth of experience gained as general Manager of luxury hotels, such as Rambagh Palace, Jalmahal Palace- Jaipur and Taj Annapurna- Kathmandu. Chirmi Palace is located in the heart of Jaipur, away from the incessant hub of the old city. Sights of tourist attraction & shopping complexes are within easy reach.

Chirmi Palace Hotel has 24 well appointed rooms with all the amenities that modern day travelers are accustomed to. The decor is period "Rajputana". For your regular meals there is a dining room which is of particular interest to the archeological buff, its well preserved frescoed walls are of museum quality. For a different experience a "Rajasthani" theme dinner can be arranged in the lawns.

Chirmi Palace Hotel aims to provide traditional "Rajput" hospitality to its valued guests.

Facilities Provided By Chirmi Palace Hotel.

* Attached Bath with Running Hot & Cold water.     
* Restaurant.
* Air Conditioned Rooms and Suites.    
* Bar.
* Room Service.    
* Swimming Pool
* STD & ISD Facility.    
* Spacious garden & Lawns
* Internet    
* Laundry
* Cable TV    
* Half Day And Full Day Sight Seeing of Jaipur by Taxi.
* Fax    
* Taxis

Wedding Event In Chirmi Palace Hotel Jaipur



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