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If you are looking for a fresh and innovative approach to wedding design merged with the traditional wedding planning and etiquette, than Wedding in Jaipur is a wedding planning consultancy in Jaipur providing contemporary elegant wedding design and management services.

Jaipur was founded by Sawai Jai Singh II, thereby the name. It has been a capital city since its inception in 1727 AD, and is probable the first planned city of India.

Tying the knot in the pink city Jaipur is hard to resist. Jaipur holds a royal charm and you feel like prince and princesses on the occasion of your palace wedding in Jaipur. There cannot be a more perfect venue than Jaipur. With all its seductive allures the city opens up as a beautiful blushing bride. Your wedding gets an ultimate lavish air in Jaipur.

Jaipur has always been on the top of the list for international and domestic tourists simply because it has something for everyone. It has heritage, wildlife, adventure, pilgrimage, etc. Jaipur interests the rich, the businessman, the budgetwalas, and the backpackers and is able to provide for all of them- in hoards year after year.

Wedding in Jaipur has proven itself to be the most successful wedding planner Jaipur with their understanding of the importance of the event and keeping in mind that different customers have different wishes and plans and then fulfilling their dreams and making it a reality.

Wedding in Jaipur’s talented team has a solid reputation for originality, creativity, and quality which enables them to rise to any occasion. They plan local and destination weddings of all budgets and carter to your every dream. They plan weddings that are fun, memorable and unique, everything that you want a wedding to be.

They work closely with you to make your wedding dreams and vision a reality but in an affordable way.  We, the wedding planners Jaipur are professionals that understand your needs and suit your style. They plan every wedding in a unique and lavish style. They make every wedding a unique, memorable and a perfect event in Jaipur. Their specialties are wedding, pre wedding ceremonies, destination weddings and other wedding events in Jaipur.

If you want a royal touch to your wedding, then Jaipur is the perfect place for you. Its vast range of hotels, forts and palaces will make your wedding unique and memorable for everyone who attends. Your wedding will be all that you dream of and more.

Planning For Wedding

  1. Wedding Planner
  2. Calender
  3. Guest List
  4. To Do List
  5. Wedding Pages

Wedding Planner

Plan your wedding using the Exotic Indian Wedding Planner, which helps you keep trail of all the functions and ceremonies, their dates, venues and allied requirements. Wedding planning reduces the tension and makes it a hassle free event. The wedding planner organize everything step-wise, like if you want to see a date wise list of your functions and ceremonies, go to the Calendar.

Wedding Planners Service

1. Helps in selection of wedding venue

Finalising wedding theme and ietnary

Suggestion of shops/showrooms/market for dresses jewellery and other wedding shoppings

Arrange the category of vendors required for theme decorations.

Book the travels requirements and rooms

Do the executions

Arrange for hospitality team

At the time of wedding take personal care of each guests till the wedding is over.

Guest List

While preparing the guest list the Wedding Planning Tool keeps a track on all the guests, the functions they are invited for and finally send them the Invitation Cards as per the guest list. The guest list is prepared with the name of the function they are attending. Things are getting more hi-tech these days so people are mostly opting for invitations via e-mails rather than doing it manually, which is actually time consuming. The invitations for the close relatives are must, which include Uncle, Aunt, Nephew Niece, Grand Parents etc.

Bride's Side

  1. Spinster party
  2. Mehendi
  3. Sangeet / Haldi
  4. Sagaai Ceremony
  5. Wedding Function

Groom's Side

1. Bachelor's Party
2. Sagaai
3. Sehra Bandhi
4. Shaadi
5. Reception Party

Wedding Services

wedding day is one of the most special and exciting occasions in one's life, and one strives to make it a memorable event from the start to the finish. We at Dezinz Era we help you to make this special by turning your dreams into a reality. We have a network of professional service providers, to lend a touch of designer elegance to that special event of your life. Whether you want the entire wedding to be planned and arranged or a specific event managed, you will find our services truly affordable and well worth it. We work according to our clients budget and would like our potential clients to know that our services are not an add on cost but we work with the client to help them save their time and money.

Wedding Venues

the selection of a perfect venue for your dream wedding ranks foremost in the scheme of things while planning a wedding. The wedding venue is one of the most significant factors of a wedding as it provides the base for an authentic theme wedding. Hence, be it the scenic environs of Kerala, royal settings of Rajasthan or picturesque beaches of Goa our wedding planner at Exotic IndianWedding shall book the most desired venue for your wedding.

Wedding Trousseau

Whether you want a traditional trousseau or a simple and casual one with a Western formal look our team with the help of professional designers shall provide the finest wedding dress.

Wedding Calendar

Our wedding calendar shall provide all the important information for your wedding in advance. The wedding calendar provides the aspiring couple all the necessary information for planning their wedding just the way they desire.

Wedding Theme

Weddings with a theme are the most modern way of celebrating the illustrious event. According to your interest and liking a perfect theme shall be selected after consulting the couple. Themes like royal theme wedding, fairytale theme or any color specific theme shall give a unique approach to your wedding.


Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" will find all your answers regarding accommodation needs with a choice of 5 star hotels to other humble lodgings.


Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" will arrange all your transportation, right from receiving you from the airport, all your transport during your stay; everything will be taken care of. For those looking for royal rides for their grand entrance our team shall provide Limousine, this vehicle signifies aristocracy, nobility. We at Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" will arrange it for you the same with floral decoration.

Wedding Priest.

Priest or Pastor is an integral part of every wedding. For Hindu wedding, the wedding priest has to be a Brahmin, for Christian it has to be a Catholic hence, we at Dezinz Era "India Wedding Plan" arranges priest for those looking forward to a traditional Indian wedding.


Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" will arrange a variety of sumptuous delicacies as exotic menus for the guests with a blend of Indian and foreign cuisines. To have a slap-up meal you need a wonderful menu. And soon you decide the menu the job surpasses to the caterers. The menu shall be decided according to your preference and budget. As per your selection a menu shall be placed for your guests the caterers shall provide vegetarian and non- vegetarian cuisines.
* Deciding on the caterer and negotiating with him.
* Drawing up the menu plan and tasting the dishes.
* Inspecting the cutlery, furniture, linen, and hygiene.
* Taking care of the seating arrangements and proper placements.
* Arranging for specialties from all over India.
* Arranging for home cooked meals for family members and in-house guests.
* Special Mithai Bar, Juice Bar, Fresh fruits Bar, Bakery Bar, Snacks Bar.
* Flair Bartenders, thematic cocktail/mocktail Bar, Cocktail Menus.

Floral and Light Décor

Fresh flowers like roses, orchid, marigold, gerberas, etc. can augment the overall appearance of the traditional and ethnic look and Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" can do all these with your consent. In Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" , we believe that lighting if used artistically can amplify and emphasize each and every element of décor and take it to a completely different level. So we always try to arrange it differently.

* Suggestions on floral decor and finalizing the florist as per your budget.
* Floral decor at home, at the venue, for mandaps, entrances, backdrops, tables and centre pieces.
* Petals to shower, gajras, boutonnières, and floral posies for the guests.
* Varmalas for the bride and the groom, sehras or family garlands.
* Decorations of bridal suite, cars, dolis or ghodhis.
* Multi-hued water screens,
* Musical water fountains,
* Laser systems,
* Intelligent lighting system and custom designed lighting

Video and Still Photography

Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" will appoint a photographer and professionals for video coverage for capturing the propitious moments of your life on.

Cultural Programmes

Song and dance is an integral part of all marriages, without which it seems incomplete. Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" will arrange native/folk dancers to perform in the weddings.

Wedding Cake

Dezinz Era "wedding in jaipur" also take care of your Wedding Cakes and Champagne. We can provide you with any kind of cakes and Champagne depending upon your taste and theme of your wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Designing, printing and sending of invitations.


* Choreographers, dancers and singers to teach dance and music to the family members and perform live
* Ghazal singers, qawwali performers, Pop Singers
* Bhangra party, Dance troupes,Traditional folk artists
* Shehnai players,Classical Music performers
* A professional DJ with good sound & light system.
* A live band to perform at any of the functions.
* Exotic belly dancers, ballet dancers, Mujra Performers
* Bollywood Artists (on special request)

Special Services

Organizing speciality services like that of mehndi wali, bangle wali, bindi wali and supari wala.

Honeymoon Destinations

Providing full information about honeymoon destinations with booking and arrangement.

So get ready for Jaipur Wedding Planner.


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